Winter on the French Riviera — it’s Nice in December

I traveled to the French Rivera in December of 2007. It was my first trip to France. I had ended up there because I wasn’t sure where to go after visiting Dublin (see previous post) and Ryan Air was offering a 10 pound deal to Nice. Upon arriving, my friends and I were shocked at the bright blue sky and sunshine after coming from a very grey and damp winter in Ireland and the U.K. The entire Riviera is packed during the summer with tourists but we were there in the off season and as far as we knew, were the only visitors there. I don’t have too many travel suggestions for Nice because some destinations are filled more with stories than they are sight seeing expeditions. Nice was a great place to relax (even in December). We spent our time walking around the city and poking our heads into shops. We went to the local farmers market and bought fresh olives, grapes and baguettes from friendly locals who spoke no English, and had a picnic on the beach with a bottle of wine. After a nights long search for a specific type of alcohol, that at the time you could not buy in the U.S., we stumbled upon a local underground rock concert and hung out with the band. Takeaways: Take a chance on a place during the off season and sometimes not having plans is the best travel plan!


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