Six rules to consider when traveling with others


There are certain stepping stones we come across as we transition from adolescence to adulthood. One in particular is the first time we set out and travel somewhere without our family. This is the point where we make our own journey (literally) and choose not just our road stops along the way but also who we travel with. I have been making these trips for the last seven years and over that time I have learned some rules to go by. These are based on my own experiences and the experiences of others.

1.) Five is the magic number

For those who are beginning to plan their first big trips with a group of friends — the more is not necessarily the merrier. The bigger the group of people you travel with, the more hectic it is to keep up with everyone. It is difficult to get places in a large group — you take up more space and you’re constantly looking around to make sure you don’t lose anyone.This can take away from the actual vacation and make the experience more exhausting.

2.) Voice your trip expectations

It is key to discuss what you want on this trip before you embark on your destination. People want different things when they go on holiday. Some want to sightsee, others want to relax, some want to be a tourist and others want to go as far off the beaten path as possible. Everyone can get what they desire out of the trip, just make sure you plan it out so that there is time for everyone to do what they want.

3.) There is a difference between someone who’s laid back and someone who is just along for the ride

Sometimes it’s not fun to have people who are too indecisive to make decisions or who are inactive in any decision making whatsoever. This can put pressure on one person to make all the decisions on the journey and that isn’t an ideal situation. Make sure you travel with people who are relatively decisive and maybe have some specific things they want to do or see (see above rule).

4.) Don’t bring someone who is just ticking a location off a map

What this means is that there are individuals who travel for status reasons — they feel they just need to go somewhere to say they went. That’s it. The entire point of traveling (at least in this bloggers opinion) is to experience a new place and a new culture. Therefore, bring someone who has a genuine desire to enjoy the place they’re traveling to.

5.) Bring someone on the trip who does well in a pinch

Sometimes when you’re traveling things happen…crazy and unexpected things. This can make what started out as a vacation into an adventure that would put the National Lampoon’s Vacation series to shame. Trust me…I have lived through some of these experiences. So you want to have someone on the trip (at least one person) who you know is good under pressure and who will not fall to pieces if things go wrong. This can be anything from missing a flight and having to figure out another connection to having your passport stolen.

6.) Don’t travel with anyone you don’t trust

This doesn’t just mean someone that you trust around you. It means don’t travel with someone who would pull a stupid stunt like trying to get through airport security with a stash of weed in their luggage. Don’t travel with someone who could potentially land themselves in jail for disobeying local laws or by just pissing off the wrong people. Only travel with those who aren’t going to hinder the trip for the rest of the group with some selfish antics.

Photo credit: Red Head Travelers


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